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Find the disposable gloves you need in China, Maine

When you need gloves, we've got you covered...Literally! The State Of Maine Glove Company offers affordable high-quality gloves to all professions that require hand protection such as medical professionals, caregivers, food service employees, tattoo artists, cosmetologists, automotive specialists, and many more in China Maine.

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Free delivery to local businesses (with 1 case minimum purchase- may be mixed and matched).

Which type of gloves do you need?

You can choose from several types of disposable gloves when you order from The State Of Maine Glove Company.

We offer:

Nitrile gloves:
Versatile gloves that are chemical-resistant and flexible

style=color:white;">Vitrile gloves:
Strong gloves that are durable and comfortable

Vinyl gloves:
Clear, affordable gloves that offer simple protection

Moisturising gloves providing a comfortable grip and touch sensitivity

If you'd like to ask a professional which type of gloves might be suitable for you, contact us today.
You can call 207-649-6202 or email us. We'll be happy to recommend the correct gloves for you.

The story behind The State Of Maine Glove Company

Jason, the owner of The State Of Maine Glove Company, has been in the restaurant business for over 35 years, managing several successful kitchens. In January of 2022 he developed two products, the Sani-Mitt and Off-The-Cuff disposable gloves which are both currently patent pending products. It was through this process that Jason developed his enthusiasm for the glove business and vowed to bring competitive pricing and unmatched quality to vendors across the state. The State Of Maine Glove Company is a realized dream of being a business owner for Jason, a goal he has worked for decades to achieve.